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The Manda Mudd Story

Manda Mudd came out of life experience: Our founder, artist Kristen Amanda, had a problem!  Her bathroom walls were water damaged and irregular. Ordinary paint would never hide the flaws, but with all her years of experience creating beautiful walls for her clients, she had a solution. A little time in her studio mixing materials and making just the right color mix for her bathroom, she created the perfect camouflage for her imperfect walls. That was 1992…

Fast forward to 1998; Kristen was about to apply that same plaster finish to her client’s walls. After a brief demonstration of technique, Kristen handed the trowel to her new assistant Steve Mandell to try his hand at it. Kristen watched as he made one swipe of the trowel, then a second. Steve stopped, stood back, looked at the trowel, looked at the wall, then at Kristen and smiling in amazement said,“I can’t believe how easy this is… You HAVE TO market this stuff!!”

So…. two years later; with label, logo and brochure designs; MSDS, patent and trademark filings; manufacturing agreements, retailer negotiations, market research and 42 fabulous colors later, she did!!

It has now been fourteen years, and because of our customers, even in this challenging economy, we are still making people smile in amazement! And we’ve added 12 more colors with even more on the way!

Our Joy

Our hearts desire is to empower anyone with a creative itch-to-scratch with an effortless and beautiful way to make their dream come true.

Together with you, we will “Bring Color to your Life and Life to Color, One Beautiful Room at a time!

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